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Aug 21, 2016

Dear potential builder,

in this short article I would like to inform you about the necessary skills required to be able to perform the position of a Builder on our server.

Basically, you should be aware that as a Builder you are recognized as a team member and therefore proper behavior is required.
Working as a Builder is completely voluntary. Likewise there are NO financial rewards. If you are here to get money quickly, then you should not even read on. We don't gain any money through this server and simply can't pay our staff.
Not everyone is made for the job of a Builder. Please consider before you apply if you have the necessary skills.
If you build something for, you automatically give all the rights of the builds to the owner/server. You have no right to have the maps removed later!

In order to become a builder, you have to build something in our Plotworld.
There are a few things that need to be built. The rest can be chosen freely.

What you need to build:
  • at least one structure (thats not too small)
  • a nice bonus is Terra-Forming (mountains, elevations), with VIP you can also use Worldedit!
  • beautiful details

Ranking hierarchy:
  • Test-Builder (unofficial)
  • Builder
  • Head Builder

  • Being active on our server
  • Basic knowledge of Worldedit and/or Voxelsniper
  • Having access to Discord & TeamSpeak³
  • A (nearly) clean record on our server
  • Being 13 years old or older
    • Mental maturity

The application should include at least the following:
  • Your minecraft name
  • The coordinates of your application plot or at least 3 screenshots of your building, if you want to show something from another server
    • Please take the screenshots without any shader, texture or resource packs!
  • Your strengths and weaknesses at building
  • Your previous experience
  • Contact options (e.g. Teamspeak, Discord or E-Mail) (Please no telefone number or any private informations!)
  • Your online times (on a regular basis)

What happens after my application?

Please note that it may take longer to process an application. I would advise against constantly asking. You will all get your answer when we have time for that! :D

If your application is accepted, there will be a small interview with the administration and the builder management, combined with a given test task to build.
You will be accepted or declined depending on how you perform in this task and interview.

Contact information

The following persons will take care of your application and are available to you as contact persons for questions or problems.
Or you may open a ticket on our discord.

@MrKavatch (Owner)
Discord: Kavatch#0001
Email: [email protected]

@Kisuh (Team Manager)
Discord: kisuh#7845

@Turtels3006 (Team Manager)
Discord: Turtels3006#5944
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